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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
can they cut at 10 + MPH ?
As I stated in my previous post, there are a lot of variables to be considered, but 10 mph for any length of

Also keep in mind that, if you're talking about a "brush hog", or what most of us in the south refer to as a "bush hog", the blades spin much much slower than a finish mower so you have to go relatively slow to get a decent cut (even in shorter grass).

Looking at the whole "ball of wax", factoring in the relatively slow BTS, rough uneven terrain, obstacles, having to try to "judge" where the side of the bush hog is in respect to where you previously cut, tall grass, thick grass, I'd think you'd be doing really well to average something less than 5 mph.

And, if you aren't familiar with the area to be mowed, you must go a LOT slower than 5 mph unless you're prepared to spend a big chunk of $ in repairs.

Bat wing mowers cannot be compared to Z's....other than the fact that they are expensive to buy and maintain.

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