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Originally Posted by rivercat View Post
Ok here we go I just got a nice place with 1 acre lawn thats a bit rough we have the red clay on NC here and the dummy that built the house didn't take the TLC to get the lawn established quickly and there are a lot of washed low spots and the clover has taken over as well as other junk. I plan to spend allot of my spare time nursing it back to health and having a lush lawn. Therefore I am in the market for my ztm and am really tempted to over kill it. My buddie came by with a ever ride warrior and I agree with him that even if we never put but like 25 hrs a season tops it will last a lifetime. I am looking at ferris is3100, toro z master 6k, hustler x-one or husky pz series. going either kawi or diesel There is a demo PZ6029D nearby for $12200. Is that a deal? Also interested in a kubota zd323 as that dealer is closest to me and my bud has connections there. I notice that the toros and kubotas are impossible to price without calling. I know this is way too much mower for only an acre to mow but who cares I would rather spend the money upfront then buy 4 consumer mowers to junk after 300 hrs a piece.
Nobody likes overkill more than me, but honestly you really don't need to spend that much to get a mower that will last a life time especially for an acre. The Hustler SuperDuty 54" would be good enough for an acre aswell as four acres. The Ferris 1500z would also be another good choice. I also like the Z master, one of the best out there.

A way to break it down would be if you used a mower for 50hrs a season, that is 500 hours and that would be 10 years and both the mowers I just listed would easily be rated for 1000 hours. Just something to think about. I would spend no more than 6K for what you got! Also, in 10 years, there will be new technology and I am sure you would want something new by then.
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