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Need a Pro's help has experience !!

Hey guys We are looking to grow and I have been searching for and trying to find a good person who can go out and work and cut yards Ive hired these younger guys and it seems that the younger generation has gotten "lazy" per say I always start peo[ple off at minimun wage for the first couple of weeks to be able to prove themselfs because everyone "has done landscaping" and can cut grass but us professionals know its more than just cutting grass Each yaard is diff and each client likea diff. things but getting to the point How do you start off new workers pay wise? and also should i start them off with more money because im kinda thinking You pay for what you get .. but im begginging to think to try and find a older person who has some experience and eith pay them by a percentage or by the hour ? I d K what to do all i know is I need help that I can trust so we can grow PLease help with any comments please
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