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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
There is 2 types of work. Work of Want and Work of need!

Work of want will make you rich and work of need will make you a living.

That is spot on.

Excavation for typical spec home = nobody involved really makes anything except maybe wages.

Excavation for Custom home = while not rich the project (properly bid) will make good money due to the extras involved.

Septic can make money in some markets (not the one I am in) but your set up for it so getting licensed is a good idea.

Pick some attachments that might open some doors, concrete breaker, stump grinder, excavator mower ect.

Water/sewer repair (while these are typically find the cheapest guy type jobs) they can open opportunities for bigger projects.

Smaller demo projects

Spend more time networking with General Contractors, these are the guys that will keep you busy. It takes a while but if you can find 10 or so that use you, you will always be busy.

Be diversified in what you can do or are willing to do. Very few one trick ponies still alive here (actually I cant think of any).
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