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Are the Electric Trimmers catching on?

Now days with all the new emission control laws taking into place, more and more companies are coming out with electric trimmers.
Years ago these trimmers would have to be plugged in to a 100' electric cord just to make it down your driveway and half the way around your house. After a few years, and with the development of rechargable NiMH/NiCd batteries, electric trimmers have become more popular by many homeowners but because of their short running life they weren't overly popular with commercial landscaping and lawncare professionals.
Today, the Lithium Ion battery has changed the way many professionals are looking at Rechargable Electric Trimmers and other hand held power equipment. A Lithium Ion battery can carry higher voltage, hold a charge longer, and unlike previous batteries maintaine the voltage longer while being used without experiencing Power Fade. Some of these batteries can hold charges for weeks and even last up to 9 hours of use on a single charge.
Would this added opperation time interest more commercial businesses out there?

Just to name a few companies that carry what they call commercial quality electric trimmers are:

Black & Decker

Do any of you professionals use electric trimmers?
If so what brands do you prefere?
Have you heard of any of these brands?
Would you be interested in testing one first hand?

Let me know what some of you think and share your opinions.

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