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Originally Posted by antv20 View Post
Do yourself a favor and go to a Toro dealer or another major dealer. Skip HD. I made the mistake of buying from a big box the first time, now I am looking to buy another mower. Might suggest spending a little more the first time as it will pay off in the long run.
Good Advice! I was at HD this past weekend. I've never seen so many plastic parts on mowers in my life. Then pot metal parts. A flash to my vision was Murry! Then is was, 3 years? Maybe 5? Naw! 3 years if lucky! My Sabre is in it's 13th year still mowing. They'll have to fight who gets my Bad Boy when my day comes and goes. I'm praying that's 20 years from now. I'll take 15! I've been thinking about that JD X310 series someone just bought here. I could be happy with it. That's a lot of mower and more for the price.

Buy higher than you think you want to spend. Because (1) 10 year+ mower is cheaper than (3) or (4) 3 year mowers.


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