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Fall cleanup Setups - trying to plan ahead

I know we are a ways off from the fall clean ups but i was wondering what you guys ran for equipment/how many guys. I actually started up my career venture last fall in this type of work by buying a husqvarna back pack blower, rake(s), tarps, gas cans, gloves, hedge trimmer, bags. I did not get many people at all but was satisfied with what i got. I pretty much got clients who allowed me to blow the leaves/debris far back into their woods//to the curb for the city to suck up// bag and leave for the city to take. This year i wanted to come up with a better less labor intensive plan than laying a tarp and dragging it many many yards into the woods. I was looking into the walk behind blowers by billy goat and also have a great interest in their tow behind debris loader. Specifically the DL with dump insert for my f250 8' bed. I dont remember how much $ the DL /w dump insert was but my local dealer said the towbehind DL was about $5,300 before taxes. I guess what i am trying to ask you guys is this : Is it worth getting a DL and should i save $ by building up the walls of my truck bed instead of shelling out for a dump insert?
Also am puzzeled as to where i would be able to dump the debris. I live in Albany, NY and have no idea of the landscape game for dumping organic debris. Do i have to find someone who takes it? are there places out there that want grass/leaf oragnic matter? Or do i have to pay and if so how much is that gonna run me?
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