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electric.....we are in the design stage of going all electric with a real commercial crew...what we have come up with so far is this: a 20ft enclosed trailer..5 - 65watt solar panels on roof as well as 4 small hamster wheel type wind generators to charge a deep cycle battery bank of at least 4 large deep cycle batteries....would also be able to plug in chargers overnight while back in shop....these batteries would in turn then keep all hand helds charged...we have figured that each piece of equipment would need multiple batteries of their own to change out and charge during the day in the field...we have not yet decided or tried any equipment as of for the mowers, we are designing a walk behind mower to hopefully be able to run at full speed and power for at least 8 hrs a day on golf cart batteries (would have to also swap out during the day) we are committed to finding a realistic way to get off of fossil fuel at an affordable cost.....we would also have to have gas back up in case things dont quite work out until systems are actually put to the test and any issues resolved.
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