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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
How about warm season turf??? Any tests done with warm season? I noticed one poster said the the suggestion was to combine 1/8-1/4lb N per K with the sumagreen. Can it also be mixed with products other than fungicides...say broadleaf weed controls or pre-emergents? Inquiring minds would like to know.
Yes, at this point it is probably being used more on warm season turf than cool.

The manufacturer suggests 1/8lb N with first application only. This will provide a quicker green up for customer satisfaction and is not required for additional applications. For the pure organic folks, just double the SumaGreen rate on 1st app.

It can be mixed with herbicides and/or insecticides, usually at lower rates. Do not mix with fungicides as that will harm the microbes. Within a year you will notice a reduction in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides by 50 -90%.

PM me for more details.
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