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I am very pleased with the results so far. I think the best thing I can say is that I only had one customer compliant so far this year compared to about 20% of my clients last year. That is very nice when phone does not ring especially during this dry spell.
Grass looks greener on my lawns then my clients neighbors lawns and those are being treated by other companies. i am assuming they are using fertilizers but honestly do not know I just do know that my lawns are greener. Price is right and application is easy to mix with other products. I have been using 1/8 pound on every other treatment so I am going into my 4th treatment and have used 1/8 pound twice so far on treatments. I am thinking of just using 3 oz per 1000 sq/ft for the rest of season. Bottle says 2 oz but the guy I spoke with said to up the rate to 3 oz during this dry spell. For the price I am thinking of cutting out the 1/8 pound next year and just using the 3 oz treatment for every treatment. I figure I can always go back to adding the 1/8 pound if need be.
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