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Landscape addition

Hey guys, fall project I'm planning and wanted to get some idea's and profesional opinions, maybe changes or idea's before fall gets here.

First area, left side of the shed (have red lines marked where I'm thinking about making into mulch bed) I reseen this each fall, can't keep grass here and can't keep the soil moist don't care if I stuck a water hose here 24/7 it soaks up everything it gets. So, extend the existing mulch bed that goes down the fence row all the way around the shed to the other side and down the back of the property where same issue is present.

Another view, might extend this on out away from the fence row next year as this grass usually dies out each year also, but this year is an exception.

Other side of shed, as I said all the way around the back of shed down the back property line and up to the cenent slap where I use as a burner for limbs and leaves.

At the same time, here from another view just extend the garden on out and keep the angles between the garden and new landscape pretty much parallel

And from the other direction:

Excuse the mess everyone, its the back of the property and been focusing on getting the garden in.
Like I said, looking for idea's or things I should consider changing to make it look more professionally done and well thought out and planned. Not just thrown down half done job.


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