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Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
Guess I'll try it myself next round and then Can share my comparisons.

I will be the "crash test dummy" for warm season turf. I noticed you can buy a half gallon for $37.95 on their website. I'll order this weekend. I'm sure it will take a few days to get here which is just as well. Our highs this next week will range between 101 and 108 degrees each day with Wednesday being forecast at 108. Only God knows what the Heat Index will be that day.

I've got the perfect strip of the crappiest soil that has an even weed free coverage of thin common bermuda. It's thin even when we're not in drought due to the lousy soil.

I'll measure out 1K and divide it evenly 4 ways. I'll spray it all with 2oz/k of the Sumagreen. Then I'll spray half of it (500 ft sq) with .71875 oz or 1/8lb per K of 46-0-0 Urea. I'll use a clean Echo Backpack with a flat fan nozzle to apply. I'll water 2 of the four plots as evenly as possible given what I have here to use. One that has the Urea and one that doesn't. The other 2 plots will only receive water via rainfall. I'll also have a control area where nothing is done. There have been very isolated, sporadic thunderstorms every few days(10-20% chances) with 97-105 degree temps daily for the last month. We' ve had 18 triple digit days this summer. We are in the grip of a terrible drought here in Central Arkansas to be sure.

I've treated lawns for 22 yrs now. I've heard about, read about and on a couple of occasions even ended up buying and trying what I later considered to be "snake oil", given the results I observed. Liquid Aeration was one such experience. I try to be fair and objective and I promise I do not "sugar coat" anything. I'll give my honest opinion and when I run this comparison, I'll take photos and get help to post them along with info about the care or lack thereof each has received.

I've never done organics myself but have seen firsthand the positive results of a compost top dressing earlier this season on a zoysia/bermuda mix lawn. I'm open to new possibilties if they produce results.

I'll see what happens. And when done, I'lll also know whether applying low volume is a viable option. If it works, I'd sure like to be able to apply with my Z-spray.
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