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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
If your not charging by the hour then you would not be making the same per hour. Maybe it is how you estimate your jobs that it ends up like that?
Here on septic I may profit 1500 dollars for 2 days. Laying sod I can profit 2000.00 in one day. Throw in some stone work, drainage , plants , irrigation and I can quadruple my profit per day over septic. The septic is steady year round and pays the bills.

It is the way I price it. I price everything the same. $1500 per day for 2 guys. I dont bid the job like that. If I think its going to take a day then its 1500 if there arent any materials costs. There must be more service providers around here because all those jobs you mentioned are far from "niche". There are plenty of people to do all of that which tends to generaly keep you within 90-110 an hour for the equipment guy. And 50-60 for the ground laborer no matter the type of instal. Which is $150 an hour times 10 hour day= 1500 a day. Again, just to be clear, customers have never seen this break down.
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