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Lawn Renovation Job

I got a call from this woman that needs a lawn renovation basically. She doesn't know whether she wants seed or sod, so she wants quotes for both. The yard is about 7400 sq. ft., real patchy and weedy. So I'm thinking about actually giving her 3 quotes. One for sod, one for powerseeding, and one for tilling and power seeding. My only problem is I don't know how long it will take.

If I put down sod, I am thinking about 3-4 - 8 hour days, after tilling and laying the sod, and putting out the water timers, and so on.

Just overseeding/powerseeding, I know it will probably be about a day.

For tilling/powerseeding, after I clean up all the debris from tilling, I am thinking about 2.5 days.

I have thought about just marking up the product by 25 percent, then doubling my materials, but I would like to see where I would come out as far as time goes, and compare the two. Thanks in advance.
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