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I know this is on here a lot...STIHL vs. ECHO..Kombi vs PAS

I am most likely going to upgrade my trimmer either this season or beginning of next season. I am looking at the multi-task tools such as the KombiSystem & ECHOs PAS systems. So, one question is are these good? Anyone use them? Like them? Should I or should I just buy separate trimmers, edgers, etc.

I calculated everything up & the STIHL KM 55-R (which is under the home-owner classification) with a trimmer & edger attachment will run me around $410. The ECHO PAS-230 with the same attachments will run me $440.

Here are some things to consider: The STIHL has a 27.2cc & the ECHO has a 22.8cc engine. So, less money buys a more powerful engine. But, I already have an ECHO blower and I love it, plus you can't beat their warranty. Also, ECHO has the bed redifiner attachment for their PAS system. STIHL does not offer anything like that. I have thought about getting the STIHL and buying ECHOs redifiner later, but thats $600 right there.

Just let me know what you guys think I should do! Thanks.
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