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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
Same here - poor farmers. When every equipment dealer is sold out. Chevy,ford,dodge dealers cant keep enough 3/4 ton 60K trucks on hand. Ii have a brother in law who buys like crazy cuz he dont want no taxes and still shows a loss. He buys new stuff - never pays sales tax - its farm use. Figure what you and I pay on a $60K truck not mr farmer jones.

Thats why I am curious how this greenhouse thing works. So HERLER I get the comment about food stamps already. Maybe I should try for those as well!
I guess its a good thing now that you dont have to look out the window seeing your corn crop burn up along while the bulk of your annual income. If you dont like how farming works I say you protest and quit eating or grow your own. But it is gov't programs that pay for these cold frames It is the NRCS in my area my inlaws have two for vegatable production.
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