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I think sod is the way to go. You don't have to worry so much about whether or not the seed will come up. With seed, callbacks are much too common. Just make it clear she must have the check in your hand when about half the sod is laid. Never guarantee either one.

Naturally you will want to use glyphosate on the weeds and weedy grasses 2 weeks in advance. (Maybe you can do the Roundup only 24 hours in advance--ask around). Cut short. Remove dead grass. Till up slightly. Green side up. Add plenty of water. Perfect green lawn.

More experienced guys will have different ideas so listen up...

If you decide to remove and dispose of sod with a sod cutter and dump truck --major labor. If you decide to till up old sod--you will have thousands of clumps of old sod to dispose of.

You should charge for your labor cost, not markup the seed. Say 60 dollars pr hour for labor (if you are educated or skilled), Double that if you have to sweat. Full cost plus trip charge and gas for any machine you have to rent.

What do you mean patchy and weedy? Why not kill the weeds and crabgrass--and seed the thin spots? What kind of weeds? Is this Bermuda? KBG? Fescue? And...its important to correct the cause of the bad lawn...or it will happen again.

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