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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Wasn't making fun, just don't believe it...and still don't.
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I admit I was slightly skeptical myself since even though the material is a co-polymer, it feels like plain old plastic. I purchased a 3 lb spool of Echo Crossfire at the very end of fall last year and it sat in my truck's tool box all winter, then all through the heat so far this year, and about a month ago or a bit more, I noticed it wasn't lasting worth spit any longer. I decided to try soaking the entire spool (like recommended) in a 3 gallon pale of water for at least 24 hours (I think I let is soak for 48) and it made a huge difference, and it is still staying fairly soft and flexible a month later, and I am not having anywhere near the problem I was with it snapping off along chain link, or while edging. I am also having good luck whipping the enormous amount of cracks clean of grass in the parking lot at one of my properties. Before soaking it I barely made it a few feet along a crack before I had to bump the head, and now I can go for quite a few entire cracks before I have to bump out more line. I get paid good money to do it, but having to constantly bump the head was slowing me way down, and using way too much line as well.
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