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OK, first and foremost, if you are gonna use the walmart/home depot lights, don't bother. The quality is night and day. You are comparing a Cadillac to an Escort like that. Not to mention you will most likely be chasing all over the place trying to find the cause of your lights being out etc. The 24 foot price may sound like a great deal, but the old addage of you get what you pay for really comes into play here. For example, you get c-9's for a roof line, 100 foot long. Now you go get 4 walmart/home depot stringers, not only did it just cost you $80 plus tax, fuel to get there, time labor so call it $100. You now have to worry about the 6 different plugs for moisture access, you are also shot 4 feet on your customers display. Imagine charging some one say $350 for installation, removal, storage - which sounds like good $m but a display that is 4 feet short. Not to mention you are going to need clips, leads, a timer etc. This is NOT a business to start with that mind set. Myself, I am going to get say $750 for the same job, my display is going to go the full 100' be very neat, and most of all, make the full run, bulb to be found every 12" beginning to end. Now take into consideration the service call. What is labor going to cost to go to the customers home, figure out what the issue is, including access the roof, diagnose the issue, then go get what you need to repair it, return, again access the roof, fix the problem and hope it doesn't happen again the rest of the season.

If you are really going to do this, at minimum read this forum through several times, then look at the companies such as Holidynamics, CDI, Brite Ideas etc and figure out who you believe has the better value for hat you are going to do. You need the right training, the right product. A nice living or end of the year bonus can be made with offering this service, but it is just like building a house so to speak. If you build a beautiful home on a not so good foundation, you are going to end up with a not so good house when all is said and done. Remember, one pissed off client will wipe out 10 happy ones.
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