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Looking for professional advice

I am looking at getting this setup for my power washing venture and was wondering what your guys take is on it and i also have a few questions. I am also trying to work with somewhat of a budget but i will consider reinvesting more capital into a different setup if it is more profitable/reliable/plainbetter in the long run of things. Right now I am looking at purchasing a 4000psi 3.5-4GPM PW'r unit. Looking to spend around 1k tops. My options from "homedepot" are generac 4kpsi 4gpm $899, dewalt 4k psi 3.5gpm $799, dewalt 4k psi 4gpm $999. Are these commercial grade power washers ? Will they last me a long time/ not have to deal with much break downs/reliability AND do a great job (for the $)?
I understand that i will need an X-Jet nozzel? cant seem to find one at homedepot, unless it has a different name? Also looking for a 15ft rubber pickup tube and 100' of water hose and psi hose? The pw'r comes with a 50ft hose, how much for a 100' one? Also a 5gal bucket for bleach. Is there any need to invest in a certain type of wand or use the wand that comes with the power washing unit? Im looking to focus on houses 2 stories tall but i do not want to limit myself if a 3 story house/commercial building comes along. Am i missing anything else in this setup? I have a f250 truck with an 8' bed to truck this thing around. All Advice appreciated and taken into account. How is is this setup/should i get something else?
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