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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
I understand your point but I have to ask: In reality, how often have you taken the time, and gone to the trouble and expense to return a fixture on a warranty claim for a faulty socket? Perhaps it is my relative distance from distributors that causes me to repair fixtures far more often then I return them. It is far easier, cheaper, quicker and less hassle for us to simply swap out a faulty socket with a new one rather than:

Remove faulty fixture from system.
Take back to shop.
Package fixture.
Request RMA or Warranty Replacement from Dist.
Ship fixture back (at our cost)
Received warranty replacement into inventory
Return to site
Install new or repaired fixture.

My sense is that most opt for the field repair rather than the warranty claim.

Im referencing more of the overall warranty. If you are dealing with a LED drop in fixture from the factory, if you modify the socket and you have premature bulb failure (through no known fault of the new socket), you are more than likely going to be eating a replacement because the manu will say it's been modified and not using their specs.
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