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Well you've done this before and know your area. In 4 hours you should be able to get it all done no problem. Because you are overseeding as opposed to starting from scratch, the slit seeder is less important. The existing grass helps hold the seeds in place.

Every area is different, WOW is all I can say there are so many signs and people around wanting to do this I wish I could send you someone from here, lol!

Good luck with the renovation, it will look great once it's done. Cutting very low has some other interesting aspects, one of which is that you will be surprised at how many small bare spots you have underneath the tall grass. Often it grows over or flops over an area and looks great. The aeration/overseed will fill those spots and keep a thick beautiful lawn going.

Since you are aerating yourself, make sure that you have the right soil moisture level when doing so. I am not an aerating expert so I can't advise on this area. Others here can though, and I know it to be very important. VERY hard ground makes for a hideous and difficult experience....very wet ground makes for a wet nasty mess and a clogged machine. Somewhere in between is ideal.
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