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Originally Posted by Riverside Lawncare View Post
I started my lawn business last year. I started out with a 48" bobcat walk behind. I then moved to a 54" John Deere walk behind when the bobcats transmission went out. I now use a 48" scag tigger cub as well as the Deere. I have over 30 accounts, businesses and residential. I am looking into a new mower and there is a cub cadet deeler, toro, and husquvarna dealer close to me. Which of these commercial mowers is most favored by you? i think the husquvarna looks beast but I see more people using the toros. Any help would be appreciated. The mowers I am looking at are the toro commercial 2000-5000 or husky pz5430, or a cubcadet tank.
Buy something that you know you owned JD and scag so if like them buy that

For my self I dont like the ride on any the mowers you listed
I send few hours on a mower and one day each week I'll spend 7-8 hrs that one lawn and I look at being comfortable only mow I found is a DC
Over the years Mower Companies build there mowers and copy each other design
If a company would copy the DC design I might change brands till them I'll ride and buy DC To me is best mower out there I own them since 1985 and last 2 I bought I had drive 3hrs one way to the dealer only had go back to dealer one time for a recall

So if you have good luck with what you owned in pass stay with it
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