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I purchased Sumagreen at the beginning of summer. I live in Memphis and have a Bermuda lawn without irrigation. I have applied sumagreen to my lawn at the recommended label rates for 3 apps. The lawns that I am paid to maintain I have still been using the synthetic granular fert. I seldom water my own lawn and I do not have the time or patience to complete a comparison as Ted described above. It will be great to hear the results. As for my results. I do not get the quick green-up like we are all familiar with from a synthetic fert. However, my lawn is equally as green when compared to my lawns that I maintain except for the lawns who's homeowners religiously water and make sure that their entire lawn is receiving at least 1 to 2 inches of water per week. And I am serious about this amount. They have water bills ranging between $200-$300 per month and I am not willing to do this. The last 6 weeks have been pretty dry and very hot. Mixed in were a few days of light rain with a few days with temps 88-90 but overall not much rain and above 94 everyday. With this weather there are some areas in my lawn that are definitely looking like they need some water and no matter what I put on them, without water they are going to turn brown and crunchy. I am not convinced enough to do away with traditional fert but I do like having it as an option and will continue to use it on my lawn as a continued test. When I first found out about Sumagreen I was put in contact with a gentleman who was starting to use Sumagreen in his operation but was combining Urea in the early growing months to get that green kick. He was pretty happy but said he will continue to add the Urea for the kick. I haven't spoken with him since the hot temps and dry weather to see what he is doing currently. When talked to the company prior to ordering my first batch they gave me good info about how this all came about but I would totally screw the story up if I tried to tell it. On a side not I am not a dealer, rep, or have any relationship with Sumagreen other than the credit card transaction I had when paying full price. My info isn't scientific by any means but I hope it gives you a little bit to go off of!!!

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