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Originally Posted by TheChiefsLawnCare View Post
it still amazes me how one person can talk so highly of something and then somebody else just is completely opposite. but everybody has different grass and setup. i read to use a plate and no mulch kit from mulch kit with wavy to g6 to reg wright to low lift to high to slotted lol. never know till you try yourself. g6 will be my first move tho jacob lol
From personal experience and actually owning a 36" stander myself with a plate and mulch kit, this is what you should do. If you run a plate, yes, gators will work. However, the stock blades work better with the plate. I've done both. Now, if you buy a kit, gators will NOT work. You need to use either the stock blades, or wavy mulchers. I have both and have not seen a difference....
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