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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post
I have the Exmark aerator that I bought last spring. It is an awesome machine. Yes it is expensive, but it is a production machine. I ha aerated from 6000 Sq. Ft. to baseball & football fields with it. I tried the Classen aerator and this thing is far superior in every aspect. I also have a Turfco TurnAer 6 that I am going to sell. As far as the pressure gauge I just start at 300 psi and raise or lower the pressure to get the core depth I want. My son used it on his golf course on the tee boxes and said it did great. I highly recommend this aerator to anyone doing an appreciable amount of aerations.

Also, studies by Michigan State has shown that aeration has no effect on pre-emergent effectiveness.
only reason I would keep my Turfco would be the occasional 3 ft gate that I encounter.
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