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Originally Posted by turner_landscaping View Post
Turning a lake using a pond pump is possible but the cost alone will make u cringe wen u get ur electric bill. The waterfall is simply cosmetic feature. Using bottom diffusers is more cost effective and better for a farm pond or lake simple because u are forcing air from the bottom up. Using a pump to circulate u are only doing a few feet of water unless bottom drains were installed. I can get all technical but im sure tad will respond so ill leave the techno mubble jumble for
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Gee thanks!

I agree. Use bottom diffusers (2 as suggested). These will more thoroughly mix the water. You can utilize a pump to power the waterfall. Keep in mind that you will need a minimum of 1000 gph for each 12" of waterfall width. This gives about a 0.25 inch flow depth. If you are using a submersible, you will need to house it in some form of wet-well. If you opt for an external pump, you will need a suitable filter screen on the intake.
I am assuming that this is an earthen bottom pond and, unless the pond is box shaped with perpendicular sides, the total volume will be considerably less than 120,000 gallons. Estimate the average depth in making your calculations.
Don't forget to allow for sufficient aquatic plantings to aid in maintaining water quality.
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