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Thanks Popeye and Capemay for your responses. I was a little insulted with the guy who told me to junk it.
I first took the mower to the dealer I bought it from and who has been servicing it over the years. I told him that after mowing for about 45 minutes it starts whining, then squealing and then the right steering goes out. I left it with him and he mowed his grass several times and couldn't find any problem. He said it might be the transmission but that it was an expensive fix and he wasn't sure that was the problem. He did say he would come back and get it if I had more problems but then the other guy (who doesn't like Hustlers) stopped by my house to look at it and said to junk it so I didn't know what to do. There's another Hustler dealer in the area but they have a bad reputation. There is also a Scagg dealer that has a good reputation but I'm not sure if they work on Hustlers.
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