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cant believe it

ok guys my first post finally, iv done lawn service in the past right after high school from 05-08. Iv been back in the biz for 1 month now and have 15accounts. I noticed people in swfl really don't want to pay much for lawn care these days, iv had so many phone calls of people wanting monthly service for $50-$60 bucks max. There is no way in h3ll anyone can survive on that. I won't drop my gate for under $80 a month and that's for close friends. Years ago I billed monthly 60+ accounts now I'm charging by the cut, I mow when I get paid!!!! nothing like chasing down your money. I also want customers that want lawn care not mow and go lawn service, so with that said, I'm only looking to service 15-20 lawns 1 maybe 2days a week as I have a full time job in something outside the lawn biz. Just had to vent as I had a customer give me a $40 check to cover the entire month of Aug. I handed it back to him and said I can no longer manage his lawn as I would be losing money. So I pretty much set my prices at the max and the people that do pay it. Well we are both happy cause I'm not some hop and chop lawn dude. My work speaks for itself. Lol do I sound too cocky? Ha. Just sick of the people out there that want something for nothing, really grinds my gears even though I'm a cheapazz myself. Hehe
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