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That is just it some guys have employees and some are small Solo guys. Either way you have to decide for your-self what will work for you. The original poster said he was only 15 years old and had only 7 accounts. To me he might be like me and want some-thing light like either the echo srm225 or srm230 they both will last several years with only one guy operating it. The Echo edger does just fine as well. I have had the same trimmer and edger for the 6 years (still using them) I have been in business doing just 40 yards a week and that's not bad for the money I have in them. You may be speaking from a lot more experience but He seems to have limited funds and just wants some advice on whether those units pan out for a solo guy. Thing is if that where to be his only unit what happens when it takes a dump on him. If one of my quits I go to the multi tool and finish the day. I'll pick up another trimmer/edger if it is unfix-able new the next day. They are not outrageously priced anyway. This way the multi-tool will last and when I can get all the other attachments I want for it.
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