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Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the compliments. But i do like your trailers and trucks too. My dream combination would be a ford f-250 with enclosed gooseneck trailer and a goosenevk dump tailer but for now that's way too expensive over here. But you american's also have great ideas, for example: my dad's '87 pontiac bonneville was the first car over here which came standard with an automatic airconditioning. Things like (adaptive) cruise control, abs and such are all your inventions. Not to mention those great zero-turn mowers you guys produce And you really build good quality material for a way lower price than it would cost here (at least for the cars and the mowers, the rest i don't know). But i have to admit, this trailer is very well built (in my opinion).
The trailer is built in galvanised steel although some parts like the floor are aluminium
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