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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
The KM130 with line trimmer is

10.1 lb for head and 2.6 lb for trimmer, the Fs130r is 13.1 lb.
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10.1 + 2.6 = 12.7
There's no way that the KM130R with straight trimmer weighs LESS than an FS130R.

Ok, here are the REAL numbers from

FS130R = 12.3 lbs

KM130R Powerhead = 10.1 lbs
FS-KM Straight shaft trimmer attachment = 2.6 lbs
KM130R with straight shaft trimmer = 12.7 lbs

So the difference is just over 6 ounces. That's WELL less than the difference between a full and a 3/4 full gas tank!

Now, if you're comparing against the lightweight dedicated trimmer FS100RX, that's a different story.
FS100RX = 10.8lbs
KM110+straight trimmer = 12.5 lbs
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