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Yeah, I know I talked about SEF 94 around here before. That's another companies version of what you are talking about. Stihl makes a version also that is available from their dealers. Unfortunately for the quantities we use and also considering shipping the cost is way prohibitive.

If the government is going to continue on this crusade of ever increasing ethanol levels they are going to have make E0 available to those who need it. No power equipment manufactured to date is allowed to run on anything more than E10 and we all know the damage and problems even that causes.

If they are concerned about E0 being used in over the road vehicles, work something out along the lines of dyed diesel and make the nozzels too large to fit into gasoline fillers like is done for diesel. I would also expect that the cost would be more per gallon also but it shouldn't include highway taxes because it's for off-road use.
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