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Originally Posted by ringahding View Post
This reminds me of the condition I was in 10 years ago. Slaving for a landscape supplier...loading boulders, pond kits, etc. for landscapers and homeowners....I completely TWEEKED my back. The manager did not believe me, even though I was hunched over when I walked. This is when I made a strong push to get my own thing started.

Well, not to take up this whole entire page with the long version.....Here I am TEN years later....yes there are aches and pains...The older you get the more stretching you should be doing. Yes I am in great work shape, but we know how physical simply mowing lawns can be.

I live by a motto I stole from a guy "Work Hard, Take A Break".....along with "Work Smarter, Not Harder".

Once you are in a position...DELEGATE work.

Who cares what the manager thinks? You hurt your back on the job. I would have created a huge stink. I had a similar thing happen to me. I hurt my back. I told the manager right away so the owner would be aware that it happened. This was on a Friday. Come Monday morning, they called me into the office and wound up getting fired for something stupid. I told them right then and there that Phil KNOWS my back is hurt from Friday and that I'm filing a WC claim. Even though they fired me I still had compensation for the injury and I was off work for over a year because of it.

I'm not liking the "work hard and take a break" idea. I do like the "work smarter not harder" part though.
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