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Did I do the right thing?

I was in a neighborhood today cutting grass. As me and my helper finished mowing a customers lawn a lady walks up to me and ask if I could cut her grass today. I don't try to judge people but she was missing alot of her teeth and wearing ugly purple clothing. I took one look at her property and kindly said "no". I told her I was too busy and have rain in the forecast today. She said her mower broke down a few weeks ago and it was in the shop. Well, the grass was teribble bahia that has not been edged or weed wacked in months or years. She dose not fert or irrigate lawn. It is very sandy and tall. She had chain link fencing around the back yard with 3 sheds with junk in and around them. I would have done it if it was nice St.Augustine. I just put a nice sharp set of blades on in the morning for my nice lawns. I told her to ask her neighbor across the street who is a new and upcoming LCO and he would do it for her since I new the guy. She said ok. Was I wrong for doing this or should I have just cut it for her? I would have charged her a preminum for this cut but in my mind said it would not be worth the hassle. Any input on what you LCO's would have done.
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