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Originally Posted by CoupesCuts View Post
I made it through one week with this trimmer. I did probably 65 accounts this week. The trimmer has its drawbacks. Its not as powerful as a 4 mix, the flex shaft drove me nuts, and the trigger mechanism is cheap. But, it is light weight, engine is snappy and responsive.

I got past the wobble from the flex shaft by swapping it with an fs100rx solid aluminum shaft. Now theres no more wobble.

I'm going to keep the trimmer and see how long it lasts. I think its a really good homeowner unit, but it's design falls just short of being commercial.
guess I didn't know it was a flex shaft. mine doesn't have any wobble. the only 2 trimmers I've had was the fs 56 rc-e and the fs 70 rc-e.

not that it matters to me though. I don't pick about specs with trimmers. I just went to the dealer told them how many accounts I do and took the one they recommended. I don't pay much attention to power, weight, what kind of shaft it has. but then again I just do your basic trimming around trees, light posts, etc on mostly resi properties.
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