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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
If you look under banner on ebay you will find several companies that sell them. cost wise, even with my labor, it is easily 1/4 or less the cost of vinyl wrap installed.

I may have let the company I use slip at some point, but that is one of those consulting secrets now. but I am pretty sure I talked about this on lawnsite somewhere.

Hmmmm, I believe I had mentioned on here a while ago how you were too quick to give up I cant get one out of you, I guess it serves me right.....

I do go with a heavier weight banner, 20 ounce material as it will be on the trucks and not just hanging on a building.

makes sense...

I get pockets sewn in on all 4 sides, and how I mount to truck it is kind of a secret as well, but I will give you a hint, you need to be able to tighten it in 2 directions. the tighter the banner is installed without wrinkles, the better it looks.

I know what you are talking about, I have a good idea on how to do it, just looking for someone that had done it before to take away some learning curve....

I have my local marketing company that designs my website and postcards draw it up in vector format at 300dpi, when you do a banner 84x180 for a boxvan, you need a very clean non-pixelized print. you really need a great photo from a 12-18 megapixel camera with no noise, and even then my marketing folks interpolate the image to get rid of pixelization.

I dont bother with the pictures, I like it simple, just the logo with a phone number...nothing like a 4x8 or 5x10 logo and ph # on it to keep it simple for those driving by at 30 mph, no clutter....

I have one on a boxvan that is 3 years old that has probably 2 years left on it, and changing it out takes 2 guys about 5 hours once you have the hardware on the van. The first time took 2 guys 2 days. but we got quicker each one we did.

if that is the case on the time to install, I will just stick with the way I do mine now, I change out my signs spring and fall (lawn service and christmas) I have had one sign on my truck for 8 seasons and it doesnt show any signs of needing replacement, (hint, it isnt vinyl) it takes 2 guys about 30 minutes, to take 2 signs down, clean, store and put up 2 new signs....

Boy oh boy, you sure did get secretive when you found value in the contacts and vendors you have....I have been saying that all along. Too many lurkers here and guys that would never think to be in the decorating business getting what took us years to find in an instant, good for you......
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