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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
If it works I would just be buying the accounts and assets. I met with him back in the spring and didn't feel we could get things done in time to make a smooth transition. So I contacted him and hope we can get the deal done so I can start fresh in 2013, if we can get on the fast track maybe late 2012 although there may not be much to do.

When we met I couldn't get much info out of him. He showed me some numbers, but wasn't too eager to tell what he did per round or what he charged. Not sure how serious he is.

The reluctantcy to show or talk about the details of his business makes me wonder if he really wants to sell.
Just something to consider, for you and others. When you buy the assets and the accounts, but not the company, unless the contracts with the customers say they are assignable the customers are not bound to stay with you
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