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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
But a McDonalds hamburger where you are is $26
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Its actually around $2-3 I think. Don't know for sure because I have not bought anything from there for over 10 years. Otherwise, my idea of a burger is around $6. Good thing I only need to have one. It would become a problem if I ate 2 and 3 at a time.

The government is disorganized enough that they do not require you to have a license to start a mower or plant a few flowers, much less be able to maintain a cadre of bureaucrats intent on enforcing such ridiculous regulations. I am thankful that government here does not have their s-t together. The cost is in fuel, property and food. I am sure it would not be $200 or more for FULL SERVICE of a 5,000 sq ft lot if gas was not over $4.30, median price of a house was not over $600,000 and a pound of beef almost $10. Mowing for $30 a cut or doing applications for $5 per 1000 is not realistic under these conditions.
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