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cut height for lawns

I was mowing my two St.Augustine lawns next to each other as the neighbor was mowing his. I was cutting my lawns at 4.5 inches. He was cutting his with a hand mower and pratically scalping it . What a difference the lawns can make at the proper cut height. He kept looking over at the nice lawns I was cutting. His lawn looked rough after he cut it. Why do some home owners think grass should be cut short. I was thinking about walking over there and telling him about it. But some poeple just cant figure that cutting grass high will look better. I cut my own lawn at 5.25 on the St.Aug. Most of my neighbors think I have different grass than them because it looks different when cut that high. I cut healthy bahia at 4 and 4.25inches and St.Aug between 4 and 4.5 . I would love to cut all the St.Aug at 5 inches but I may get a few calls that I am cutting to high. My Zoyia grass is cut at 4 to 4.5 inches. What you guys cutting the grass
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