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I'm currenty running a 452. First off let me tell you how comfortable that seat is. I'm currently having routine maintenace done and using a 152 temporarily and man is my butt sore! Cant wait to get that plushy seat back under me! I'm currently struggling with the 452 with a full mulch kit on it. With the OEM mulching blades it leaves a pretty rough cut and misses alot even when I'm crawling thru the yard. I switched those blades out with the Gator6's and they cut way better with the mulch kit, however they do leave an uncut strip between the center blade and discharging blade that annoys me like no other because I have to mow everything twice. The side discharge chute could be better as seen in previous owners posts as it does tend to throw the clippings downward more than out and leaves heavy clumping wet or dry. I only have about 100hrs on mine and so far I'm not sure what I prefer more...the 452 or the brand new JD925 I ran last year for less than 80hrs. The only reason I traded the JD in was due to constant electrical issues and horrible service from the dealer. The 452 has had zero issues and the dealer has been fantastic in helping out any way he can. Other than the cut issue, my only complaint would be the dang ROPS being located so close to where my elbows are when I turn my body to look behind me when I back up occasionally. Hit my elbows everytime! (A few swear words and I'm ok shortly after.) It handles hills better than the 925 and definitely gets better gas mileage with a comparable engine size. Love the chokeless EFI! Did I mention that seat is worth every penny? Just push a button to put some air in and try not to fall asleep!
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