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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
In SC, any combination (truck and trailer) over 10k requires a cdl... So just by pulling my trailer which is rated at 14k, I am required to have a CDL.
No it doesn't. Don't be dumb.

Originally Posted by knox gsl View Post
Get a gooseneck trailer rated at 9,990 lbs. Put 3,000 lbs on the toung, the trailer should weight in around 3,000lbs as well. This will let you pull a 10,000 lb machine legally. The trailer rating is for the axles and this will work as long as you are under the GCVW for the truck and under the axle rating or the truck.
That's about equally as dumb. You can't leagally haul a 10 machine on a 9990 rated trailer. You are 10 overweight without even taking the tare into account.

Originally Posted by ParkWelding View Post
I'm pretty sure you're allowed 25% of the trailers GVWR, of tongue weight on a gooseneck trailer. That might be a trailer manufacturers recommendation though. Maybe Duffster can chime in on the subject.
Your allowed whatever you want to put on without going over the tow vehicle rear axle rating.

Originally Posted by nedly05 View Post
I also have interpreted the law as any trailer 10K or over requires a class A CDL. Its confusing!
That interpretation is incorrect. It's confusing.

Remember that reading is fundamental everyone.

Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes
Your argument falls flatter than a 3 day old roadkill squirrel.
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