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So you have been to the property and you didn't see the shrubs?? How do you maintain a yard mowing every 10 days without working on a Saturday. Also does she know you are going to be there today when she may be expecting it to be the tenth day after her last service. She may have thought she had given you a fair notice.
When I get a call for mowing I give an estimate for mowing... And anything else I see that looks like I could make some cash on. If they don't want it done then at least they know how much it will be when they decide to get it done.
IMO this would fall under an emergency service since there is a deadline and would tell her if I come do it today it would be x+x. If she can wait for my scheduled time then it would only be x. Be nice and pollite most of the time the customer understands you aren't sitting by the phone with nothing to do except waiting on their call. If not you don't need them.
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