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1) So the first thing that wasn't clear to me (still sick as a dog so if I missed this I apologize) - there are two ways of getting to the estimating engine, correct? Either the homeowner finds you online and does a search and pulls up a list of providers, OR a provider has your badge on their site and that directs the prospect to your site. If they take the second path (via the provider's site) are they then ONLY seeing that provider's pricing? Or will they now be getting prices from the competition as well?

2) It didn't seem like there were options available to help differentiate one bidding company from the next (photos, link to website, testimonials, etc). Is there anything that keeps this from just being a tool to find the cheapest price?

3) obviously the scariest thing from the provider standpoint is the customer doing their own estimate. The terms of service are what I'd expect with a service like this, basically saying that you're setting up the date but not promising a nice dinner or a kiss at the end of it. What protections (if any) does the provider have if the homeowner misrepresents the size of the property (accidentally or intentionally) or if there are other factors that would make it impossible to service at that price? I just feel like in this age of Angie's List, Yelp, etc., it would be suicide not to service the property at the price the homeowner came up with, especially if they prepaid.

I think it's a neat idea that could work in certain markets and the pricing doesn't seem out of line, but I don't think I'd be comfortable with the things I mentioned.
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