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First off, thank you for your feedback.

I will try my best to answer your questions/concerns below.

1) Yes you are exactly right, there are 2 ways a customer can create a quote. One being a search via the website which brings them a list of providers in their area, and the other through the use of the site badges or webkeys which direct customs ONLY to your services, not your local competitors.

2)If they found you via the website, doing a search, they get a list of providers with all the appropriate info regarding that provider available to them. Because we have just launched and provider listings are few and far between an example search query that will bring up a result can be found here:

Each provider automatically also gets a dedicated profile page, which for example would look something like this:

Eventually profile pages will be built out to allow uploading of multiple photos, customer testimonials and more perks.

3) Your third concern is a valid one and something we at MLQ have been working on finding the best solutions for. Because with each quote you get the customer's measured square footage and their address to cross check their property size, this helps you decide if they were realistic in their measurements. Refunds, since handled via Paypal are a simple 1 click issue if a problem did arise as well. We also allow the ability for your services to be not given the option for prepay via the website, but rather a quote request is sent to you for review and your follow up with them would allow them to pay for the quote. Similar to a lead capture off your company website, but with the added information of a square footage and address.

Any ideas, concerns or suggestions we would love to address as we roll out the system. You guys are our main audience and any tools or features you feel would help your business we would love to accommodate.

Send me an email at for a first month free promo code to check out the system. You can cancel any time.
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