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Originally Posted by Johnagain View Post
What nobody ever thinks about is what blades you run. I usually run medium lifts and was getting about 1.3gph on a 26 lq kaw 52in Scag. I ran sand blades on the same area a different week and was less than .9gph for the mower. This HOA takes 8 hrs. to mow only and with the med lifts I have to refill, and with the low lifts I had about a gallon lift in the tank.
What is a sand blade?


I don't understand the concern about GPH. $15000 for a mower. Lifespan 3000 hours. You're paying $5/hour just for the mower. Probably another 2-3 for maintenance. Presumably you pay more than minimum wage to the guy running the mower. Now you are at $15-20. You have Umpteen thousand tied up in the truck and trailer to take the mower to and from the job, and the operator has to be paid for that time too. Indeed, I bet that for someone with residential contracts, he uses far more fuel in the truck than he does in the mower.

By contrast the difference of 1 GPH in running the mower amounts to 3-4 bucks an hour. And most of the numbers here are less than 1 GPH difference. (Hence the question about sand blades.)

A larger factor: Can you run a full shift (or at least a full period between breaks on a fillup. I'm nervous fueling a hot mower from a jerry can, so I let it cool down for 5 minutes first. If this happens in shift, it will likely be 10 minutes, plus time to run the unit back to the truck, and back to where he was mowing. THAT number is easily far larger than the number saved by .3 GPH.

(My Deutz tractor will run about 16 hours of ploughing or running a 6 foot bush mower. If it's full at the beginning of the day, I NEVER have to refill during the day.)
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