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What spreader would you recommend?

I have 3.5 acres to spread seed/fertilizer on, probably a good 3 or 4 times a year. I've bought the little pull spreaders before and they all end up breaking somehow. The last spreader I got at tractor supply looked pretty strong and like it could take it and it broke after maybe 10 minutes.
I don't know if the kubota bx1860 I have is just too much for those little spreaders or if my lot is just too rough.

I've looked into the big cone spreaders, 3 point and pull behind, and would not mind getting a pull behind one but it really kills me that they cost so much more than the 3 point ones. The reasons I haven't gotten the 3 point ones are that maybe one day I won't have my kubota anymore and I am also thinking they might be too big for the job.

Anyways what would you recommend?

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