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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
Do u mean the 326 is worth the extra $30? Sorry in on my phone, much more tidious to look stuff up...I thought I saw the 323 was $270 and the 326 was $300...what is the difference in the 326LS and 326 LDX?
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I don't know why he or his dealer said it like that, because as far as i can tell the 323 is cheaper, but the following is a comparison chart of their trimmer models (not that I would trust their specs after finding out how much the "9lb" 323 actually weighs):

(edit) aside from trivial stuff like the easy start & auto return kill switch, it looks like they also have different heads- the t35 vs. t35x. Assuming you're not going speedfeed anyway, not sure which version is preferred.

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