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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
If you did use the galvanized steel grate and cut it then you have broken the cathodic barrier.

Secondly, depending on the pH of the water, the galvaized material may not passivate correctly and form white rust. This is in addition to the corrosion concerns where the grate was cut. You could go back and apply a cold zinc coating but it is not as good as the hot dipped galvanized coating.
The negative aspect to my water feature is the pump is not easily accessible as tadpole pointed out. I thought a metal lid cut in three pieces could solve the problem, which I guess wouldn't work? The metal lid could break down over time and damage the pump? Obviously staining isn't an issue. The actual color of the feature is "rust."

Lack of access to the feature does suck... not so much for the client, but for the maintenance company(me). The only basin that would really support the feature and have a trap door was $500. That would blow the client's budget. I don't think I sacrificed long term longetivity, but I did sacrifice ease of maintenance which is something I will just have to deal with. If it was a bigger project with a bigger budget, I would have loved to use the nicer basin.

And I think even with those trap doors on the nicer basin, the feature would have to be disassembled as well to get the pump out of it. Which isn't a big deal, it just takes about 15 minutes to take apart the 4-piece fountain. I could be wrong, but the trap doors looked just big enough to get your hand inside. But the trap doors would be nice to adjust autofill or setting on the pump.
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