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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
They found the tire with that part number, but for 140 plus tax and shipping, I thonk I will try online
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You wont find it anywhere but a Wright dealer. We are a Carlisle dealer. I cant get them from Carlisle. I have to get that size from Wright if I want them. Same thing for one of the sizes Ferris uses. I can only get it from Ferris. If you do find one somewhere else, it will be like 3-4 years old.

Also have them double check the price with their distributor. It changed earlier this year. Like 4 prices that were ridiculous got changed. This was one. It went from like 150 to 99 MSRP.

Also, what size machine do you have? You only need to use this size on the 36" machines I think. You can go to a slightly different size tire on the larger deck size machines on your original rim. The newer wider machines come with wider tires/rims also.

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